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R&D Projects
Title:Open Environment for the Implementation of Industrial Robot Controllers
Initial date:27/09/2001End date:26/09/2003
Reference:PPI-05-01 5913
Finance entity:
Members ai2: Bernabeu Soler, Enrique; Valera Fernández, Ángel; Vallés Miquel, Marina; Zotovic Stanisic, Ranko.

Research Project of the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia (Convocatoria de Ayudas para Grupos Interdisciplinares del Programa de Incentivo a la Research (PPI-05-01).

This is an interdiscipline research proyect developed by the Dpt. Of Automatic Engineering and Systems and by the Dpt. Of Mechanical Engineering and Materials of the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia.

In this project one worked for the development of an open architecture of control for the development of dynamic controllers of industrial robots, approaching itself the identification of parameters involved in the dynamic formulation of robots manipulators. In addition, different dynamic models were obtained, paying special attention to the obtaining of models for the friction of the joints of robots. Once made the simulation, one went to the phase of implementation of strategies of movement control of robots.

For it it had to program different real-time software modules for the implementation of manipulating the dynamic and kinematic control from robots. In addition, also it was made, the simulation and implementation of force robot control strategies , integrating itself in the control unit of the robotics system.

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