Computer Graphics & Multimedia

The fields of action of the Area of Computer Graphics & Multimedia of the Instituto ai2 are computer 3D graphics technology, multimedia presentation and interaction person-computer. In addition, this area works on the application of its works to improving knowledge, visualizing graphic information in real time and user action on this information using advanced interfaces.

Research Lines and Technologies

Virtual storage centers

Geographical information systems

  • Smart location.
  • Graphic simulation over time.
  • Virtual and augmented reality.
  • Big mass of data visualization "in flight".
  • Geolocalized information.

Virtual rehabilitation

Augmented reality applications

  • Patients' compliance with the treatment.
  • Quicker progress.
  • Custom-designed treatment.
  • Objective monitoring.
  • Real scenes.
  • Custom-designed application by subject.
  • Attractive and affordable.

Natural interfaces

Multi-touch interfaces

  • Interaction without a mouse and keyboard.
  • Natural, intuitive use of applications with the body.
  • On demand interfaces, based on objectives.
  • Intuitive, adaptable to disabled users and users without experience.

The research, development and innovation activities in the Computer Graphics and Multimedia field are carried out by the following R&D group:






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