Computer Vision

The Area of Computer Vision of the Instituto ai2 mainly focuses its research activity on computer vision and pattern recognition, providing applications and solutions to industrial sectors, security and identification industries, as well as assistance in controlled environments. 

Research Lines and Technologies

3D vision

Custom-designed vision

  • On demand characterization.
  • Automation.
  • High precision.
  • Custom-designed parameter extraction.
  • High speed process.
  • Hyperspectral vision.

Microscopic vision

Visual inspection of marine species

  • Automatized monitoring of culture trays.
  • Characteristics extraction.
  • Application at fish farms.
  • Specimens count.
  • Size detection.

Advanced inspection systems

Visual paint inspection equipment

  • 3D inspection.
  • Custom-designed algorithms.
  • Quality, traceability control.
  • Fineness inspection.
  • Micro-crater inspection.
  • Curved and flat surfaces.

The research, development and innovation activities in the Computer Vision field are performed by the following R&D group:

Computer Vision






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