Industrial Informatics

The field of action of the Area of Industrial Informatics of the Instituto ai2 is focused on the analysis, design and development of computer applications particularly aimed at use in industrial environments.

Research Lines and Technologies

Surveillance for big areas

Real-time control systems for critical applications

  • Individual and group detection.
  • Object monitoring.
  • Understanding of interactions between objects and people.
  • Safe systems.
  • Multiple independent security levels.
  • Embedded implementations (weight reduction).

Advanced web systems. Measurement, forecast and analysis

  • Generation of web-based economic indicators.
  • Economic monitoring.
  • Competitiveness studies.
  • Access prediction.
  • Allocation of staff timetabling and tasks.
  • Allocation of routes, operations.
  • Optimization of materials.

The research, development and innovation activities in the Industrial Informatics field are performed by the following R&D groups:






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