The Area of Robotics of the Instituto ai2 focuses its activity on the study, analysis and development of basic and applied research in order to cover aspects such as control, sensorization, programming and planning of robotic systems in several platforms (articulated arms, mobile robots and humanoid robots).

Research Lines and Technologies

Systems for handling sensitive products


  • Pneumatic and electric technology.
  • Custom-design manufacturing with 3D printing.
  • Adjustment to the product shape. 
  • Low cost embedded sensorization.
  • Characterization by physical features.
  • Classification by ripeness.

Mobile robotics

Rehabilitation platforms

  • On demand sensorization.
  • Autonomous navigation.
  • Generation of maps.
  • Strength control.
  • Custom-designed movement patterns.
  • Repeatability of the treatment.

Robotics implementation consultancy

Surveillance applications with mobile robots

  • Layout design.
  • Selection of components.
  • Line programming and control.
  • Autonomous navigation.
  • On demand sensorization.
  • Map learning.
  • Incidents communication.

The research, development and innovation activities in the Robotics field are carried out by the following R&D group:






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