Testea Padel Lab

The Testea Padel Lab is the only laboratory in the world focused on paddle ball. At this laboratory, several tests are performed to characterize the physical properties of paddle ball rackets and their playability. It is aimed at providing service to the Testea Pádel brand to sell quality certifications and other products to paddle ball racket manufacturers.


Antonio Correcher ancorsal@ai2.upv.es


The Testea Padel Lab has a series of testing stations specially designed to characterize the properties and playability of paddle ball rackets. The robotic testing station is designed on a Stäubli TX 60 robot.


The testing stations located at the Testea Padel Lab allow researchers to characterize the mechanical properties (quality) and performance (playability) of paddle ball rackets. The most important characteristics determined for paddle ball rackets are: durability, power, sweet spot, control, lifespan, hardness, frame resistance, vibration, ball exit and manufacturing homogeneity. With these characteristics, the quality and the playability labels can be attributed to a paddle ball racket or an entire racket collection.

In addition, the researchers working at this laboratory can undertake any customized R+D+I project required from clients, such as:

  • Designing and developing new collections.
  • Researching new technologies.
  • Studying new components and materials.