Industry 4.0 Laboratory

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The Industry 4.0 Laboratory, located at the Polytechnic City of Innovation, is a space focused on research and innovation in enabling technologies (computing systems for industry, communications, industrial and service robotics) applied to industrial processes. It is equipped thanks to funding obtained through the following projects:

AVI INNCON/2020/25

This laboratory is the main pillar for demonstrating the capacities of the “Cyberphysical systems in industrial applications” R+D line and a space for materializing the results of the research performed in this field.



Juan Francisco Blanes Noguera

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  • High performance computing cluster made up of 20 computers managed with Kubernetes and equipped with:
    • Ryzen 9 3900X-12 Cores @ 3.8 Ghz processor.
    • 128 GB DDR4 3200MHz memory.
    • 2 Nvidia RTX 3090 24GB DDR4 GPUs.
    • 2TB HD.
  • FESTO production cell comprised of 6 stations, one of which has a UR5 robotic arm, automated storage and Robotino robot for logistics applications.
  • 1 OMRON TM5 robot.
  • 1 ABB YUMI robot.
  • 2 SAWYER robots.
  • 1 UR5 robot.
  • 2 Rb1 robots by Robotnik, one of them equipped with a UR3 arm.
  • Photoneo PhoXi 3D Sanner 3D computer vision systems, M-size.
  • UWB localization systems.


  • Research and innovation in computer systems for industry, specially focused on interoperability between applications by means of using protocols and standard middleware.
  • Innovation systems for locating assets and people indoors in order to generate safe work environments and human-robot interaction.
  • Research in industrial and service robotics.