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AI-PRISM: Ai powered human-centred robot interactions for smart manufacturing


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Smith-Ballester, Laura Cristina; Vallada Regalado, Eva; Sempere Paya, Víctor Miguel

About the project

AI-PRISM will provide an ecosystem of collaboration and cooperation between Humans and Robots in manufacturing work
environments where tasks are difficult to automate and speed and versatility are essential.

By means of Human-centred and Artificial Intelligence-based solutions, we aim at supporting a change of paradigm where AI, robotics and Social Sciences and Humanities are integrated to improve production processes of our SMEs.

Robots are part of our life, but why Cobots?

Cobots stands for collaborative robots. They are alternatives to standard industrial robots, performing
tasks in collaboration with human workers.

Our Goals

Creating a human-centred AI-based solutions ecosystem targeted to manufacturing scenarios.

Improving Human-Robot Collaborations by making machines aware of what human workers do, enabling them to reason, react and interact to expected and unexpected situations.

Supporting a change of paradigm where AI, robotics and Social Sciences and Humanities are integrated.

Overcoming the complexity of programming, providing an affordable and simple solution to SMEs.

The challenges we face…

SMEs and Technical

Based on the PwC Disruptive Manufacturing innovations survey, introducing cobots into the manufacturing processes have limiting factors. These are 26.2% cost effectiveness and 14% Lack of resources and expertise to program and operate them. It is difficult to automate complex processes that cobots need to learn and integrate.


The EU Industry 4.0 struggles to compensate for the deficits generated by purchasing raw materials and energy. This lags its international competitors in the resilience and flexibility of their production lines.


The digital uptake is hindered by a cultural gap associated with human-robot collaboration.

…and our solutions

SMEs and Technical

Cobots learning by watching humans
To overcome the ‘complexity of programming’, our cobots will be able to learn by watching their masters performing their tasks.

Cobots improving capacities to react to new situations

A non-stop programming process of Human-Robot collaboration where robots increase not only productivity and flexi- bility, but also autonomy.

Safety in manufacturing
Designing cobots with AI-based central controllers that will avoid any dangerous situation.

Investments and readiness
Offering safe, flexible, reconfigurable and modular solutions ready to use.


Preparing and looking for a future of the EU manufacturing industry from 3 priorities:

  • Accelerating through digital transformation of the value chain.
  • Advocating for market inclusion across firms of different sizes and ages.
  • Becoming the benchmark in the green transition, championing the challenge of more productivity with fewer resources.


Social Sciences and Humanities Applied to Collaborative Robotics
Carrying out reliable, novel and traditional human analysis techniques, from physiological to collaborative systems and sociocultural settings.

Guaranteeing workers ownership of their jobs
Making manufacturers and workers embrace and profit rather than resist and suffer from workplace robotization.

Real-time Platform
Providing skills for a smart manufacturing context. All innovations will be demonstrated in 4+1 selected real-world cases in the furniture, electronics, food & beverages, home appliances and discrete manufacturing sectors.

As a result…

Over 100 workers will be trained in specialized skills for operating robots and data-rich tools.

Fatal work injuries will be reduced 10%, and 20% in proximity working spaces.

To achieve our goals, we have a strong interdisciplinary team coming from educational as well as technological organizations, independent research, robot manufacturers, industries and use case providers.

From Spain to South Korea — and from education and research institutes —, our diverse group brings together strong expertise in innovation projects. It represents all actors in the human-centred and AI-based solutions ecosystem to improve manufacturing processes.