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emoWELL. Intervention through an intelligent technological platform for social-emotional development and the promotion of well-being: design and development of a serious game.

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PROYECTOS DE I+D+i 2020. RETOS INVESTIGACIÓN. Agencia estatal de Investigación. Ministerio de Ciencia, Innovación



Main Researcher: Gil Gómez, Jose Antonio

Other entities participants:

Calvo-Moratilla, José Javier; Oltra Badenes, Raúl Francisco

About the project

The main objective of the coordinated project is to develop the socio-emotional competencies to strengthen the subjective and psychological well-being in late adolescence and early adulthood, through a psychological intervention carried out on a technological platform that incorporates artificial intelligence, Ecological Momentary Assessment and Ecological Momentary Intervention.
Subproject 2 (SP2) will be responsible for the design and development of the serious game that constitutes this technological platform, as well as for the validation of its usability. Likewise, SP2 will be in charge of developing a web server platform that will allow the studies that will take place throughout the project to gather the data of interest. Besides, a notification module will be implemented to notify users, through their mobile devices, with the messages proposed by the psychological team.
For the technological platform, an application will be developed which will host all the elements integrated into it, and that will be able to work on most platforms, including mobile devices: Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, Linux. The application must have motivating content for adolescents and young people, with an attractive design and with eminently entertaining content that facilitates their engagement.
The application will implement the metaphor of an island where the user will be able to interact with the different elements. Its maincharacteristics will be the following:
– A module where the users will be able to customise their avatar, which will represent them on the island.
– The environment of the island, which will contain interactive elements and system characters with which the user can interact.
– The island will have four main areas: each area can be visited and will include the contents to progress. Users will be able to move around the island and enter the area they wish to enhance. Each of these zones contains up to 10 different activities.
– The island and all of its contents and activities will be adapted to the user. For this, artificial intelligence techniques, specifically Machine Learning (ML), will be used to classify the user and recommend or provide the most appropriate content. Various algorithms will be assessed and implemented in order to choose those that offer the best results. These algorithms will be based on sociodemographic data while considering the data gathered during the studies, and the system will receive constant feedback with the user interactions and results.
SP2 will also carry out the platform usability studies, in which the SP2 research team has extensive experience.
For the Web Server Platform, there will be a server that will allow the data of interest to be collected. In this way, detailed feedback on progress can be obtained: the activities that users play, the results they achieve, the answers they provide when given a choice, etc. This part is fundamental, both for a better evaluation and to gather input data for the ML algorithms.
For the notification module, a mobile application will be developed to manage the push notifications that will be sent to users. This notification system is essential to implement the Ecological Momentary Assessment and the Ecological Momentary Intervention.