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METROPOLIS: Mobility in the City of the Future. Prepare Cities for the New Mobility 2030 through the 4 Spanish Polytechnic Universities


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Proyectos de I+D+i en líneas estratégicas, en colaboración público-privada. Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación. EU



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About the project

The objective of this project is to collect a large amount of data on urban mobility, in order to make decisions about freight transport routes, find solutions to avoid traffic jams, and make passenger mobility safer and more sustainable, among other factors. The horizon: year 2030.

The great challenge of the project is to manage to connect both the passenger traffic and freight transport parts in solutions such as a digital twin of the city that allows the competent bodies to validate different mobility scenarios in order to make decisions.

For that, a large data collection of all the necessary information is needed and to take into account before deciding on issues such as signage, route planning, roads, etc. The collection of all this data implies combining many technologies for the acquisition of large volumes of information and that is what is going to be worked on.

The 4 polytechnic universities of Spain, Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Cartagena and Valencia participate in this project.

The work of the researchers at the ai2 Institute is related to the development of an autonomous vehicle. The challenge is to introduce safety requirements into autonomous vehicles that “normal” vehicles do not incorporate. An autonomous vehicle is sensorized with hundreds of processing units; it is a mixed criticality system, that is, you have very critical applications and applications that can be, for example, for passenger entertainment, such as on an airplane. Mixing applications of such a different nature while ensuring critical applications are met is the main challenge when designing the new hardware architecture. Also, unlike in space, here many external factors come into play, such as pedestrians, traffic signals, etc. It is a very changing environment.