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MULTIVIEW: Valorization of multi-view robot integrating deep learning based prediction models for automatic inspection c. Elegans

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About the project

Scientific research has traditionally used animal organisms for studies, however, the use of model organisms is becoming increasingly common. Caenorhabditis elegans is a widely used model in research
due to its simplicity, and the existence of a complete set of molecular tools and genome sequence, making it ideal for the efficient study of genes, and human disease. Currently, these assays are very laborious, and their scale up is complicated, so the automation of this process would increase productivity, reduce costs, and measure much more accurate indicators. For this reason, researchers at the Polytechnic University of Valencia ( have developed a technology that makes it possible to obtain the characteristics of C elegans automatically with a multiple vision optical system.

Multiview is an automated system that allows precise measurements to be extracted for each individual on a population of nematodes grown together in a standard Petri dish. Multiview solves the automation of assays requiring micron accuracies by allowing precise size measurement, detection of micro movements, counting of fluorescent aggregates, and others. The device is managed by an implemented software that allows the automatization of the instrument itself and the experiment carried out. The
technology is in a TRL 3 analytical and laboratory studies have been performed to validate the feasibility of the system in addition, the software is in the last stages of development.