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AGILEHAND: Smart Grading, Handling And Packaging Solutions For Soft And Deformable Products In Agile And Reconfigurable Lines


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About the project

AGILEHAND is a Research and Innovation Action project under Horizon Europe framework under topic HORIZON-CL4-2022-TWIN-TRANSITION-01-04 – Intelligent work piece handling in a full production line (Made in Europe Partnership).

AGILEHAND started on January 1, 2023, and will last for 3 years.


AGILEHAND aims at developing advanced technologies for grading, handling and packaging autonomously soft and deformable products, as a strategic instrument to improve flexibility, agility and reconfigurability of production and logistic systems of the European manufacturing companies.

The main objectives of the AGILEHAND project are:

To Improve GRADING aspect, i.e., knowledge of the workpiece’s characteristics and condition. The main gains will be a cost effective, accurate and fast solution to finely grade the quality of delicate and perishable products.

To improve HANDLING aspect of soft and deformable products during the Sorting, Handling and Packaging stages. The project addresses the problems of robotic manipulation in a more human-oriented environment, where objects are diverse, deformable, and delicate.

To improve AGILITY, FLEXIBILITY and RECONFIGURABILITY aspects. Monitoring, adaptive control and synchronization of production and logistics flows in a factory, even when faced with a variability of products, production mix or fresh market, guaranteeing high performance in customer response time, and an efficient use of resources.

The main objectives of the ai2 in the project are:

The ai2 aims at developing the physical systems and actuators for physically interacting with the products. Our work focuses on improving existing techniques or developing new conceptual approaches to perform intelligent manipulation of the products. One notable feature of our efforts is to devise systems which are capable of rapid re-configuration between the varying production product types, with high levels of autonomy from labor intensive practices.

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