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MUCADE: Multi Cable-Driven Robot for Detecting/Detonating Unexploded Mines and Ordnance


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NATO / OTAN Science for Peace and Security programme



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About the project

The landmines and explosive remnants of armed conflicts present the biggest threat to both, military forces and civilians. They even are responsible for collateral morbidity and mortality of civilians long after military conflicts have been resolved. Examples of this can be found in regions of Colombia as well as in Western Balkans.

Detect anti-personnel mines and unexploded ordnance is a priority of NATO SPS Programme.

The main objective of this project is to develop a novel cable-driven robotic device for both: to explode anti-personnel mines and detect unexploded ordnance.

The final objective is to guarantee or certify that the explored area:

  • a) is free of anti-personnel by a deterministic sweep of the non-secure area by provoking controlled explosion of the mines.
  • b) is free of unexploded ordnance and, if not, to exactly locate (and mark) their ubication.

The title project Multi Cable-Driven Robot for Detecting/Detonating Unexploded Mines and Ordnance is an activity funded by NATO’s Science for Peace and Security (SPS) program and for its development it has a multidisciplinary coordinated consortium, where, some partners have extensive experience in the design of mechatronic systems, in particular, in Cable-Driven Parallel Robots, others are experts developing vision systems and software apps, and others are experts in explosives and blast effects.